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 True Sourdough


Bread with Benefits™

Night Owl True Sourdough is a tangy, soft and chewy loaf that is both addictively delicious and nutritionally beneficial for your gut health.  

The Secret Is Our Triple Fermented Process


Triple fermentation

reduces and degrades glutens

for ultimate

digestion, assimilation and elimination.

Degraded gluten is easier to digest and because the glutens are broken down, Night Owl is an excellent choice for those with gluten intolerance.  Let them eat bread.

Our fermentation process also predigests the glutens in the grains. Predigestion by sourdough = less digestion for you. Bye Bye Bread Belly.

While bread can be thought of as a high glycemic food,

Lactic Acid bacteria in Night Owl True Sourdough actually

reduces starch availability and lowers glycemic responses.

Bread is not a dirty word.

Lactobacilli, which is naturally produced in our bread means a higher production of lactic acid, which means more mineral availability – especially potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), phosphorus (P), and Zinc (Zn). 


The microflora of the Lactobacilli, is also essential and even reparative to the human gut, helping to heal and maintain a healthy digestive system; aiding in absorption, assimilation, and elimination. 

Have your bread and eat it too.

wild yeasted

in the salty Montauk air

Never with instant baker’s yeast – which makes it wildly delicious.