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 True Sourdough


Bread with Benefits™

Night Owl True Sourdough is a tangy loaf that is both addictively delicious and nutritionally beneficial for your gut health.

The secret is our modern take on the centuries-old fermentation process 


Optimum Gut Health

Our 86+ hour fermentation process reduces and de-grades all glutens, giving your digestive system a major head start.

  • Eliminates the bloating, constipation, weight gain, lethargy, and allergic reaction associated with bread consumption. No more Bread Belly.

  • The traces of remaining glutens are quickly and easily digested.

  • Degraded gluten is proven easier to digest making Night Owl an excellent choice for those with gluten intolerance.

  • Lactobacilli, naturally produced in our True Sourdough, creates production of lactic acid, which is essential and even reparative to the human gut, helping to heal and  maintain a healthy digestive system  in addition to healthy consistent  elimination.

Overall Health-Enhancing

  • While bread can be thought of as a high glycemic food, Lactic Acid bacteria in Night Owl True Sourdough actually reduces starch availability and lowers glycemic responses. 

  • The Lactobacilli also delivers more mineral availability – especially potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), phosphorus (P), and Zinc (Zn).  

  • True Sourdough enhances the entire immune system. 


Only Natural

  • We exclusively use  100% USDA certified Organic N.Y. grown, stone milled flours.

  • Our blend of flours includes 30% rye - resulting in a luscious, darker brown sourdough loaf.

  • Night Owl is wild yeasted in the salty Montauk air, never with instant baker’s yeast.

Night Owl True Sourdough is a True Superfood.