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The secret to Night Owl’s Wildly Delicious Real Sourdough is the centuries-old technique of fermentation. We allow our Night Owl Real Sourdough to “slow rise,” letting the wild yeast of the salty Montauk air do the job—without instant baker’s yeast. Real Sourdough supports optimum gut health—see below for more information on essential health benefits.

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Night Owl Real Sourdough; 12.00/ 1.4 lbs, un-cut loaf.
Night Owl Real Sourdough freezes wonderfully for many weeks, months even.
Each order contains nutritional  information+ storage/freezing instructions
Shipping to most NY tri-state areas is overnight UPS delivery
Other destinations are 2 day with  usps delivery
15.00 flat rate shipping applies to all orders 
Minimum of 3 up to 5 loaves for this rate.  

How to store and care for your Night Owl Real Sourdough

Upon receiving your order, wrap extra loaves in an additional bag and store in the freezer.  Keep unfrozen loaf in its original bag on counter, no need to refrigerate. If the weather becomes extremely humid keep in refrigerator.

Health Benefits

Benefits of Real Sourdough and its 86-Hour Fermentation Process:

  • Taste Fermentaion creates an Extra Sour Wildly delicious Sourdough  

  • Reduced,  Degraded Glutens Making It More Easily Digestible for Those with Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease

  • No More “Bread Belly” (Bloating, Constipation, Lethargy etc.)   

  • Naturally Contains Lactobacilli, a Beneficial Microflora, Which Helps Maintain a Healthy Digestive System Aiding in Absorption, Assimilation, and Elimination.

Night Owl Real Sourdough is a true superfood! Enhancing the immune system.

Ingredients: 100% USDA Certified Organic *Farmer Ground Flours, Rye, 1/2 White, Whole Wheat flours, filtered water, sea salt + LOVE

Research the many articles online detailing the health benefits of a Real Sourdough


Orders & Requests

Contact By Email | (310) 463-1408