About the Night Owl Baker:

Tracy Stoloff

As a native of Southern California, fresh food has always been my way of life. 

The Farmers markets, first in Santa Monica CA and later at Union Square NY were where I began my quest for fresh local produce, and foods made with integrity. Farmers markets offered me a healthier, more nutritious and creative approach to nourishing and feeding my family. 

It was at these markets that I discovered naturally fermented, wild yeasted bread.  Not only did I love the flavor and texture, this fermented sourdough became the vehicle for improving my gut health.

After relocating to Montauk, I took my loaf with me with a desire to learn how to ‘grow’ bread and I began my journey as a baker. I was committed to making  bread the way it was made centuries ago, with three pure ingredients and lots of time and love.  

Accurate timing and temperatures to feed my leavens using the fresh, local organic flours I discovered here on the East Coast, the process became a passion and the passion materialized into the loaves I sell and ship each week from my seaside home, where the salty air is an integral part of my baking.

With plenty of trial and error, I had created a bread that met my standards for taste and for optimum health.

After 6 months of eating my bread, the 5 pounds I never could lose after the birth of my daughter slipped away and bread belly was a thing of the past.  

My bread truly became the staple of me and my family’s diet. And a foundation of our health.

And I wanted  to share it.

The process of feeding my leavens, and fermenting the dough takes days, literally, so I decided to call it Night Owl and see how it would do at the local farmer’s markets. 

The response has been amazing, especially among professionals in the wellness community who appreciate the health benefits, and of course the wildly delicious taste.  I get emails and Instagram shout outs daily from happy Night Owl addicts which makes it all that much more delicious. 

I am happy to offer Night Owl True Sourdough throughout the Hamptons, in Manhattan and available shipped nationwide.