Meet the Night Owl Baker:

Tracy Stoloff

Growing up in California, fresh food is my way of life.

I love bread but I found that bread didn’t love me.  

Until I discovered true sourdough and got my delicious bread fix without all those bad things we know bread can do to your digestion. 

After re-locating to Montauk, I didn’t have access to a true sourdough and that’s where I began my journey as a baker.  I was committed to making  bread the way it was made centuries ago, with three pure ingredients and lots of time and love. 

After plenty of trial and error, I created a bread that not only tasted amazing - it made me feel really good.  


I discovered after 6 months of eating this bread, I dropped the 5 pounds I never could lose after the birth of my daughter and bread belly was a thing of the past.  

It truly became the staple of me and my family’s diet. 

So I decided to share it.

The process of feeding the levain and making my bread takes days, literally, so I decided to call it Night Owl and see how it would do at the local farmer’s markets. 


The response has been amazing, especially among professionals in the wellness community who really appreciate the health benefits, and of course the wildly delicious taste.  

Now I am happy to offer it throughout the Hamptons, in Manhattan and available shipped nationwide.